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Zombtastic Maintenance! 05/03/2017

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Dear Troopers,

We are extremely happy of announcing that the A.I. Channel mode that you were all asking for is finally here!

You will now be able to play in the channel... Don't let the zombies kill you and show that you own them all!

Zombie mode is one of the greatest challenges of the game, (the fact of completing all waves & SURVIVE) so we will try to make sort of an A.I. Mode event so as to see who of you is the best in this mode. However, take into account that this is a new mode in the game and that it has been released as soon as possible in order to let you play it (as we know some of you are really fanatical about it) so once we find out any possible bug (we hope everything goes properly) we will carry on with the events related to this mode.


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