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    [Update] Game Maintenance - 18.08.19

    Welcome back Troopers! We'll be performing the game server maintenance on 18/08/2019 The game will be unavailable for play during the maintenance. Below is the list of the things that will be changed/implemented to the game client during this maintenance: - New Characters - New ClanSystem is finally here show us the better clan on Nepix (Create room and select ClanWar type)* *to see the recent records list updated you have to rejoin* - New KillStreak Sound in-Game - New Custom Logo for the "Horizon's clan"and "NightBreed's clan" (If you want your own logo, please contact Infernalz or Inflames) - New WebShop Weapon - New DonatoShop Weapon - New Donation Pack - Added new package in game ~ ~ Best Regards NX STAFF
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