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Clan Info

Clan: NEPIX EXP: 0
Win: 0 Lose: 0
Members count: 2/100 Master: [GM]Kazuya
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Clan League

The Clan League in War Rock is fantastic for showing off your skills, making new friends and earning gameplay bonuses! You must be a minimum level of 13 to create or join a Clan.

Clan Organization

Clans in War Rock are organized into a simple hierarchy that determines the role and responsibilities of each member:

The Master is the Clan creator and they determine fundamental details like the Clan name and logo. Masters can also promote members to Clan Staff, accept/reject new member applications and remove existing members.

Clan Staff are picked by the Master and have the power to accept/reject new member applications. Staff assist the Master in organizing the Clan and perform other administrative duties.

Members make up the majority of Clans, playing in Clan Wars regularly and helping provide influence for the Clan on the leaderboards and forum pages.